The best city in the world for children . . . and for the world.

In Billund, we believe that children are just as capable as adults.  This makes Billund Municipality a very special place in the world.

A place that insists on learning through play, and when Billund comes together as a whole to build the Capital of Children, it is not for fun.  It is for the future.

A future and a lifestyle that can be smarter, more fun and more humane.  Where play, learning and creativity impact not only education and business, but also urban planning and municipal policy.

A place that creates world citizens with a vision that reaches far beyond Billund.

And the only demand is that we adults learn to play. Again.

We are all born curious.  We learn about life through play.  But, the more we learn, the less we play.  And gradually, we lose the ability to imagine anything other than what we know.

The pleasure of the absurd is replaced by knowledge and habitual thinking.  And suddenly, we are just like the adults who didn’t understand us as children.

But the future is about creating together.  And children know more than most that when playing together, you create worlds that no one has seen before. Find solutions never imagined.

That’s what we want – to create worlds and solutions that no one has seen or imagined before.  Physically, we want to make Billund a child-friendly city that invites adventure and exploration.  Mentally, we will make Billund the global capital of a future formed together with those who will live in it.

In short, Billund will be the best city in the world for children . . . and for the world. 

LEGO® House

“In many ways LEGO House is a physical manifestation of the Capital of Children. It is one of the lighthouses in the municipality where children (and not least their adults) experience play unfolded in a pervasive creative environment and where every little detail is thought about ”.

Gitte Nipper, Head of Sales & Marketing LEGO House.


At Lalandia children can explore a world of play that engage all the senses. They learn through the many opportunities for play, whether it is in the activity pool in the Aquadome, many metres above the ground in the Adventure Tower or
during a quiet moment in our goat pen. For that reason, a visit to Lalandia is perfect for fulfilling the vision of learning through play.


Kristine Schmidt
VP, Strategic brand & marketing director