In Billund, we share a vision

Billund is the Capital of Children. Here children learn through play and are creative world citizens.

Child Friendly City and Municipality

Billund is recognized as a Child-Friendly City and Municipality by UNICEF.

The best city in the world for children.. And for the world.

In Billund, we believe that children are just as capable as adults.  This makes Billund Municipality a very special place in the world.

A place that insists on learning through play, and when Billund comes together as a whole to build the Capital of Children, it is not for fun.  It is for the future.

A future and a lifestyle that can be smarter, more fun and more humane.  Where play, learning and creativity impact not only education and business, but also urban planning and municipal policy.

A place that creates world citizens with a vision that reaches far beyond Billund.

And the only demand is that we adults learn to play. Again.


LEGO® House

"In many ways LEGO House is a physical manifestation of the Capital of Children. It is one of the lighthouses in the municipality where children (and not least their adults) experience play unfolded in a pervasive creative environment and where every little detail is thought about."

Gitte Nipper, Head of Sales & Marketing LEGO House.

ISB - International School of Billund

As an IB World School in Billund with a focus on learning through play, we play an active part in developing Billund as the Capital of Children.  

Ever since opening our doors in 2013 we have been working to create a pedagogy of play in collaboration with researchers from Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the LEGO Foundation. This philosophy and approach to learning has brought new families –and even more visitors—to Billund.


At Lalandia children can explore a world of play that engage all the senses. They learn through the many opportunities for play, whether it is in the activity pool in the Aquadome, many metres above the ground in the Adventure Tower or during a quiet moment in our goat pen.

For that reason, a visit to Lalandia is perfect for fulfilling the vision of learning through play.

WOW PARK Billund

"We see Play is the goal, in and of itself. In play, we grow and learn, and at WOW PARK, we celebrate an especially physical play in order to stimulate creativity, curiosity, and community. Hence perfectly aligned with the vision of the Capital of children."

Jacob Hindhede, co-owner of WOW PARK.

The LEGO Foundation

"The LEGO Foundation wants to support an agenda where learning is naturally linked to a playful approach. Children have the best opportunities for learning and developing if they are allowed to create, be curious, and play. It is essential to grow these skills in a world characterized by rapid change, for the individual child as well as for society as a whole." 

Tina Marie Petrowsky, Initiative Lead, the LEGO Foundation


"KIRKBI is currently involved in several real estate projects in Billund. Each of these projects has a direct link to Billund’s City Vision, which sets the framework for supporting and strengthening Billund’s unique character as the Capital of Children. With the new physical surroundings and urban environments, which KIRKBI creates together with partners, we contribute to creating a very special town in the world."

Steen Pedersen, Head of KIRKBI Real Estate.

CoC Playful Minds

"CoC Playful Minds is an organization which among other things, offers children to go to Our World Academy. Here, children can unfold their creative world citizenship in practice. Through the course, children learn to relate to themselves, to each other and to the world - as well as think and act critically and creatively. It is a great basis for being a citizen of the world and engaging with it."

Cecilie Tang-Brock, Program Manager at CoC Playful Minds.

Playful Hub

“We facilitate a place where different resources within play and learning can be brought together. The innovation environment gives members a place to work, meet, share knowledge, test, and develop solutions through co-creation with children, and at the same time expand their network.”

Louise Fenger Kornum, project manager, Playful Innovation, CoC Playful Minds. 


“Billund has a strong urban vision and a clear ambition: To be the Capital of Children. In order to fully succeed with this vision, the city needs to embrace all children. This includes children with special needs and learning difficulties who should have equal opportunities to access great education. And this will be the focus of the Drive Foundation”

– Christopher Moyell Juul, Main Driver & CEO – the Drive Foundation.  

Billund's children recommend...

Here is the personal list of the local children!

Become a partner of Capital of Children

We are a broad circle of organizations, authorities and foundations that have joined forces in the Capital of Children partnership to give Billund's children - citizens and visitors - the opportunity to learn through play and become creative world citizens. And together, make Billund known globally. Are you in?

Meeting facilities in the Capital of Children

Have your meetings in a playful environment!

In Billund, Børnenes Hovedstad, several of the partners of Børnenes Hovedstad offer meeting facilities that can meet many and different needs.



Kristine Schmidt
VP, Strategic brand & marketing director